EXCiPACT™ Certification for Pharmaceutical Excipients

In January 2014 AJA Registrars was accredited to carry out EXCiPACT™ certifications.

EXCiPACT™ is a voluntary international certification standard for pharmaceutical excipients to assure good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good distribution practice (GDP) standards in the production and delivery of pharmaceutical excipients with the goal of end-to-end quality control along the supply chain.

EXCiPACT™ is backed by industry experts, including EFCG, IPEC Europe, IPEC Americas, FECC and PQG, and a collaboration with the RX360 Consortium. Worldwide recognition of the certification is also supported by its equivalence to the US standard ANSI-NSF 363.

Important pre-requisite: a current ISO 9001 certification.

Your benefits: certified quality standards, assured patient safety, reduced time and costs thanks to the foreseeable effort for the main audit and the required surveillance audits and worldwide recognition.

For more information please visit the EXCiPACT™ area on our website.